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Established in 1951, Millard Towers Limited was founded by Mr. John Millard – an engineer, entrepreneur, inventor and pilot.  Operating out of a small shop in Perth, Ontario, Canada, Mr. Millard dedicated his time to developing a durable, easy-to-use and cost-effective mast by utilizing a unique lattice structure.  Several patents later, Mr. Millard developed the world’s first frangible mast – over 50 years before ICAO would formally make it a requirement for airports worldwide.

The lattice design was well-received and the masts would be installed at airports, bases and remote locations across Canada.  The vast Canadian landscape would prove to be an excellent testing ground for Millard masts as they were subjected to extreme temperature, wind, ice, saltwater and UV exposure.  Some of the original installations still exist today.

Improvements have been made and new applications have been created, but the same principles are still employed:

–          Quality engineering

–          Exhaustive lab and field testing

–          Durable construction

–          Simple installation and servicing

–          Uncompromised safety

–          Reliable performance

–          100% customer satisfaction

Today, Millard masts have been installed in over 50 countries and 200 airports worldwide.


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