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Benefits for Millard’s frangible aviation line include:

Some additional applications Millard offers as part of its frangible aviation line:



Millard frangible masts can be used to mount floodlights and cameras.  The masts offer a safe alternative to typical lighting and camera masts with heights available up to 14m.



Millard masts can be used to support Hazard Beacons at airports.  Although these beacons will typically be outside of the aerodrome space where frangibility is required, frangibility is a benefit that should not be overlooked.  Standard designs available for heights up to 14m, with taller solutions available.



Millard offers Research Engineers 2-projector and 3-projector PAPI units.  Units comply with ICAO, FAA and CAP 168 requirements.  The system is simple, durable and efficient.  The unique design will not frost over even without the use of a heater or being run constantly.  This makes it ideal for cold, Canadian winters and preferred by many northern and Arctic airports.  Clinometer and parts are also available.



Do not see a frangible application or design you are looking for?  Millard would be happy to assist in developing a solution.


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